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I was going to write a nicely thought out response to the drama going on about Owl City and the Homestuck music team.

But I’ve decided I won’t.  I work 8 hours a day dealing with ignorant and abrasive people for a living.  So I know for a fact that level headed arguments only work a small percentage of the time.

So all I am going to say is that if it wasn’t for the Homestuck music team, I would have NEVER ACTUALLY FINISHED HOMESTUCK.

I was at one time one of the steadfast haters of Homestuck, seeing the mass of fans at cons and the fandumb online had put me off SO BAD.

But then a friend of mine convinced me to give it a try FINALLY.  And I got up to the point where Dave sends Jade the remix to Ohgodwhat, and it just COMPLETELY changed my mind on the comic.

From a single song.

From that I went, and I found the rest and learned that Hussie wasn’t the one making it all.  

And I went and found the people who helped him with it.  The Music Team.

And I can tell I am rambling now, and just.  I’m of the firm belief that if it wasn’t for them I’d have written all this off.  And never gotten into it, or met the fantastic people I’ve met because of the comic. 

So just, yes, it would be terribly exciting if a famous musician made music for something like Homestuck.  And I would never be mad if they did.

Just never forget where it all starts, and believe in your Music Team as well.

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If you were ever curious


Here are all of the tumblrs of music team members (music blogs, not personal):

Radiation (Toby Fox)
Michael Guy Bowman
RJ (Robert J! Lake)
Plazmataz (Clark Powell)
OMGTSN (Nick Smalley)
Jit (Erik Scheele)
Solatrus (Jeremy Iamurri)
Dragon XVI (Malcolm Brown)
Albatross Soup (Alexander Rosetti)

Eidolon Orpheus (Thomas Ferkol)
Tensei (Joren de Bruin)
Squid (Tyler Dever)
Jaydeis (Hilary “Pie” Troiano)

Some members don’t have tumblr accounts, so in the future there will also be a post of other social media outlets we’re on which will include other folks who deserve attention!

- Squid 

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