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 ❣ B U N N Y S T U C K ❣
by mookie

Jane Crocker » freckuccino 
Roxy Lalonde »vantasmagica 
Rose Lalonde » Kitsunedolly
Jade Harley » alyssaties
Jade Sprite » mookie000 

Dave Hefner
 » Lindzar
Dirk Hefner
 » Zippyc
Andrew Hefner
» buttpilgrim
Amazing Photography
» fenyxdesign

Good LORD this group was such an awesome effort on everyone’s part!! I’m so proud of all my beautiful bunnies & hefs & photogs & boyfriendo’s who tagged along ;o; thank you so much for being a part of this group with me, you are all DA BES

p.s. tim is there enough tim in this post

yes there is definitely enough tim in this post, thank you
I had also considered bunnygirl Hussie but that idea was tossed early on 

(via skeletim)

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Welcome Followers!


I gained like 20 of you overnight and I’m not sure where you all came from! I haven’t updated in a while because of dumb school work, but I’ll be able to really draw again in maybe a week or so. Anyhoo, have some five-minute sketches!

1) WV.. <3

2) My otp, you guys.

3) A really old jonkat request..Gosh I still have so many left.

4) Aranea <3

I hope you all enjoy your stay UwU. Now time to finish this dumb project of mine Q_Q.

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