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fe13 palette meme requests! i wanted to throw all the fes into one post but there were too many, so the older games will get their own post once i finish them all;;

couldnt resist having gerome and morgan match since theyre my precious kids :”)

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A Brilliant Glitch Scientist exiled for being a bit “Too Human.”  Zero-One (or Dr. Zeo as he prefers to be called) was placed on a decrepit frigate and launched into space for crimes against Glitchkind.  When the frigate ran out of fuel he found himself in orbit around a small moon.  With enough energy to power the teleporter, Zeo went down to the surface to kill the now copious amounts of time he had.

Soon after landing he procured the “Brocarver,” a strange and alien sword with which he proceeded to butcher the Avian inhabitants of the little moon. Luck would have it that a small Glitch lab was also on the surface, and using his new found weapon, he cleaved his way through his kin to procure parts for a distress beacon.  

The beacon however brought nothing but pain and penguins. Instead of using the UFO to escape, it came crashing down on the Lab, destroying both.  Anger surged through his human emotion chip, but before long he came to the decision to make due and plot his revenge against his kind.  Starting from a small lab that he had built for himself from the remains of the old.

Now armed with his Sledgehammer of Science and Brain Extractor, the good doctor has turned his attention back to science, in the hopes of creating his own army…

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