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 ❣ B U N N Y S T U C K ❣
by mookie

Jane Crocker » freckuccino 
Roxy Lalonde »vantasmagica 
Rose Lalonde » Kitsunedolly
Jade Harley » alyssaties
Jade Sprite » mookie000 

Dave Hefner
 » Lindzar
Dirk Hefner
 » Zippyc
Andrew Hefner
» buttpilgrim
Amazing Photography
» fenyxdesign

Good LORD this group was such an awesome effort on everyone’s part!! I’m so proud of all my beautiful bunnies & hefs & photogs & boyfriendo’s who tagged along ;o; thank you so much for being a part of this group with me, you are all DA BES

p.s. tim is there enough tim in this post

yes there is definitely enough tim in this post, thank you
I had also considered bunnygirl Hussie but that idea was tossed early on 

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Images from Megacon Day One.  Bunch of Homestucks, but tommorow is the Can Town Meetup.  

Some Funny stories!  That Dalek in the Karkat and Gamzee pic totally photobombed them on purpose.  The look that Karkat gave him was priceless, and I missed it. D:

The Space Marine was a good 7 feet tall, until he got out of the armor, and was about 5 foot and a twig.  He did a GREAT FRIGGIN JOB tho.

Me and my friend are also positive that that Prince Gumball was actually Neil Patrick Harris.

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And thus concludes the Caliburstuck trolls! Huzzah!

And I plan on creating the Alpha and Beta kids, but first I want to try and unlock a few more pieces of equipment because I felt just a tad limited.

If anyone wants details on how I did something or what I used, you can just shoot me a message. Thanks for viewing! 

Links to troll photosets:

Tavros Nitram

Gamzee Makara

Equius Zahhak

Aradia Megido

Sollux Captor

Eridan Ampora

Feferi Peixes

Terezi Pyrope

Nepeta Leijon

Karkat Vantas

Vriska Sekret

Kanaya Maryam

FUCK!  This ALONE makes me wanna get the new Soul Caliber!

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